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With the state of the art colour touch screen interactive system or other applicable systems, you can monitor your system from anywhere via the web or your PDA, arm or disarm it remotely, and much more!

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NEW! Interactive System Designed to Work the Way You Want it to!



With the cutting edge colour touch-screen

Go! Control system or other applicable systems, not only will you receive state of the art monitoring services from Reliance Protectron but you can also monitor your system from anywhere, via the web or your smartphone, arm or disarm your system remotely and much more. This makes it the most advanced home security technology available, all at an affordable price.


Monthly Services starting at $39.95 (other services available)


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With myProtectron.com STANDARD SUBSCRIPTION, you can:


  • Check current system and sensor status
  • Arm and disarm the system from anywhere
  • Customize notification settings and add or delete recipients from your online address book
  • Recieve alerts for alarms, power outage/restoration, and other important system events



As part of this interactive system, the built-in Z-Wave transmitter enables various home automation functions, including regulating thermostats, video surveillance, and lighting controls